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fertilizer Nepenthes Liquid Ocean

fertilizer Nepenthes Liquid Ocean

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Usable in watering 2.4ml per liter of water and foliar 1ml per liter of water.

Liquid Ocean is made from natural extracts of seaweed (Ascophylum nodosum), very rich in natural hormones (Auxins, Cytokinin and Gibberellins). Liquid Ocean is a remarkable bio-stimulator and growth bio-activator fertilizer that promotes the development of buds and leaves. The product can be applied by foliar spraying and by watering (root application).

It also increases chlorophyll levels (photosynthesis) and activates natural defenses against fungi and bacteria thanks to its content of betaines and oligosaccharides. This is why it balances the suffering of plants subjected to stress or phytotoxic effects. The PK elements, and more particularly the Potash contained in Liquid Ocean, play an important role in the production, transport and storage of sugars in the plant. It promotes photosynthesis and intervenes in the acid-base balance of cells. It also regulates intercellular exchanges and strengthens the plant's resistance to drought and diseases, especially cryptogamic diseases.

NPK: 2-3-5

NF U 42-001 fertilizer

Can be used in organic farming RCE 834/2007

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